EnvisAlerts Plus Service


Extend the power of the standard service with Plus.

The Plus service is available for purchase directly in the App or portal and adds a number of useful extra features to your EyezOn system.

Plus Features
  • NEW: Plus now includes the Direct SMS service.
  • Add additional zone followers.
  • Create and save custom command sequences for one button command execution.
  • Create and save PGM labels for one button PGM execution.
  • Device Sharing.
  • Device Sharing By Partition.
  • Zone Inactivity Alerts. You can get notified if a zone is left open too long i.e. garage door or inactivity on a zone i.e. guard hasn't been through an area this shift.

Device Sharing

Enabling EnvisAlerts Plus for a device also enables Device Sharing with a 3 share limit or cap for that device by default.

What is device sharing?

Device sharing allows you to "Share" your device with another EyezOn account holder. There are 3 administration levels that can be set for each share.

  • Regular User - Can perform most regular functions, assign contacts etc.
  • Administrator - Can perform all of the functions of the device owner, including renaming zones etc.
  • Guest - Can only arm/disarm and view status.

Who could use this?

There are many possible uses. Here are a few examples:.

  1. The owner of a small chain of convenience stores.... She will want an EyezOn system for each store registered under her account (as she is the owner), but she might want each of her managers to have access to the store they manage. So each one of her managers would be assigned a new EyezOn account and she would share the device for the location they manage to their account. That way she can access all the systems through her account or mobile app, but each manager would only access their location through their own account or mobile app.
  2. A family of 4.... say Dad wants to be set up as the device "owner" and his wife and kids as shares. They each have their own account and mobile app, but management of the device is still controlled by Dad.
  3. The Security Head at a medium sized company... He can "own" the device on his own account and offer the 25 plus employees that require it their own shared version. If an employee leaves or quits the share is just deleted and they no longer have access.

Device Sharing By Partition

An add-on to basic device sharing. This allows you to share out just a particular parition of your device if you wish.

Who could use this?

There are many possible uses. A typical example would be:

  1. The owner of a small apartment or MDU.... He has one security system for the building and uses each partition as an individual "Apartment" security system. With this option the dealer on behalf of the owner could set it up so each tenant has access to their partition (system) through their own account and mobile link. If the tenant moves out then the share is just deleted.

Sharing Cap Increases

Allows option to add-on to basic device sharing. This extends the basic sharing cap of 3 to as many as required in 5 slot increments.

Zone Follower Increases

Allows option to add-on to basic zone following. The basic zone follower cap of 1 can be expanded to as many as required in 3 zone increments.

EnvisAlerts Plus Service.

Available everywhere.


Extra Features

Extend the power of the standard service with Plus.

  • Price is per device activated
  • Includes Direct SMS feature
  • Additional upgrades/increases available

* Charged per device as a yearly fee at time of sign-up.